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1 a student who fails to attend classes
2 an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship [syn: master, captain, sea captain]
3 the naval officer in command of a military ship [syn: captain] v : work as the skipper on a vessel

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Etymology 1

From Middle Dutch scipper, from scip. Confer ship.



  1. The master of a ship.
  2. A coach, director, or other leader.
  3. the captain of a cricket team.


  1. To be the skipper of a ship

Etymology 2

See to skip.


  1. A person who skips, or fails to attend class.
  2. Any of various butterflies of the families Hesperiidae and Megathymidae
  3. Any of several marine fishes that often leap above water, especially Cololabis saira

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Skipper may refer to:
skipper in Japanese: スキッパー

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OD, admiral, be responsible for, boatswain, boss, call the signals, captain, carry on, chief, chief engineer, chief mate, chief petty officer, command, commander, commodore, conduct, control, deck officer, direct, engineer, ensign, fleet admiral, govern, handle, head, head up, lead, lead on, leader, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, lieutenant junior grade, make the rules, manage, maneuver, manipulate, master, mastermind, mate, naval officer, navarch, navigating officer, navigator, officer, order, patron, petty officer, pipes, prescribe, pull the strings, quarterback, quartermaster, rear admiral, regulate, run, sailing master, second mate, shipmaster, take command, take the lead, the Old Man, vice admiral, warrant officer, watch officer
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